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UNAWE Earth Ball at ESA/GTTP Teacher Training Workshop 2017
27 November 2017

Last week on 23 November, Space Awareness organised a session as part of the ESA/GTTP Teacher Training Workshop at the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands. The workshop included an introduction to Space Awareness, a workshop on celestial navigation and introducing space careers to students.

Jorge Rivero González and Michael de Korte presented the Space Awareness project to 27 secondary school teachers from various European countries. The aims and impact of the project were discussed, as well as the collection of free educational resources for space science education. The teachers were also shown where to find tools for personal improvement.

During the Space Awareness session, the teachers enthusiastically participated in an activity that is part of the resource “”, where they learned about navigating using the stars. A Universe Awareness Earth Ball was also present here, to aid in demonstrating the mechanisms behind celestial navigation.

The Earth Ball is a handy tool for any space workshop.

The Earth Ball is a handy tool for any space workshop.

The workshop then continued with a presentation on how to introduce space sciences to students, which also presented the . The organisers started the final presentation by asking the teachers to draw “someone working in space”, which demonstrated the importance of considering stereotypes and role models in (science) education. The session ended with questions and feedback.

Find out more about the resource collection of Space Awareness on the . There you can find free resources for space activities and tools for teachers.




Space Awareness workshop
Space Awareness workshop
Jorge at ESA/GTTP workshop 2017
Jorge at ESA/GTTP workshop 2017
Michael at ESA/GTTP workshop 2017
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