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Proyecto Miradas Releases Documentary on Argentinian Television
10 May 2017

The Argentinian television channels of 5RTV are currently showing the 12-part documentary series ‘El Cielo Que Nos Une’, about the work of Proyecto Miradas UNAWE-Mobil through Central America. New episodes air every Monday and can also be viewed on an online livestream.

In 2014, Proyecto Miradas developed a public outreach project with the support of UNAWE and UNESCO, called ‘The UNAWE-UNESCO-Mobil I for Central America’. The project aimed to bring astronomy to a network of schools in Central America, providing workshops, materials, and teacher trainings to rural schools. During its tour, the UNAWE-UNESCO-Mobil visited six countries in five months, reaching over 200 teachers and 444 children.

Project overview chart of Proyecto Miradas.

Project leaders Sofia Mendez and Daniel Ekdesman were joined in their astronomy bus by Nacho and María, and recorded everything they learned during the tour: connections between the stars and everyday life, ancient knowledge of the stars and current knowledge, and the experiences during the astronomy workshops. From these recordings, Ignacio Sanches Ordoñez and Leandro Roveren created a 12-part documentary series, that is now airing on Argentinian television channels and an online livestream.

‘El Cielo Que Nos Une’, or ‘The Sky That Binds Us’, is shown on television channels of 5RTV in Argentina and livestreamed online: . New episodes air on Mondays at 21:30, with reruns on Tuesdays at 20:30 and Saturdays at 17:30 .

Proyecto Miradas/UNAWE-UNESCO-Mobil I for Central America was supported by the Universe Awareness programme and UNESCO, funded by the International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy for Development (IAU-OAD).




Proyecto Miradas Documentary Schedule
Proyecto Miradas Documentary Schedule
Proyecto Miradas infographic
Proyecto Miradas infographic ann/2 anal