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Review: Galactic Genius With Professor Astro Cat

Become A Galactic Genius!

17 November 2017

Professor Astro Cat is back! After Astro Cat’s adventures in the Solar System, our favourite feline in space now brings a puzzle game app that lets children become a Galactic Genius. And perhaps best of all, the app comes for free with all features unlocked!

Galactic Genius with Astro Cat is an app for kids of 6-11 years old and beyond who like games, space and learning. Six games offer 300 different levels, challenging logic, speed, memory and concentration. As a reward, stickers can be earned and players can ascend the ranks from Newbie to Solar General.

The player starts with selecting their favourite Astro Cat, followed by a daily challenge. The game app offers two memory games, two concentration games, one for speed and one for logic. These games start easy, but as the player progresses through the levels, they get more challenging.

Professor Astro Cat's friends!

The Professor has also brought his friends!

The illustrations and animations are as beautiful as we remember from the Solar System app. The stickers can be placed in a sticker book, where parts are combined to make space vessels. With this, you can be sure that your kids keep improving their skills to gain more stickers and new challenging levels. And adults too!

The full app can be played for free during a limited period trial. After that period, players will have free access to one game daily, including a Daily Dash challenge. Stickers can still be collected as well. Full access to the app can be purchased for EUR 4.49 or about USD 5.30.

You can find the app in the stores suited for your device(s) here:

  • Galactic Genius With Professor Astro Cat for .
  • Galactic Genius With Professor Astro Cat for iOS.

Professor Astro Cat started his journey with the book ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space’ by Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman. Minilab Studios then adapted it to the Webby Award-winning digital book app Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System.



Galactic Genius with Professor Astro Cat
Galactic Genius with Professor Astro Cat
Professor Astro Cat's friends!
Professor Astro Cat's friends!