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2 August 2017

In the past few months we reached out to all UNAWE National Coordinators, Ambassadors, Translators and Volunteers to ask how many teachers and children they reached, which activities they implemented and how many schools held UNAWE events in 2016. This information helps us as a community, to understand our successes, challenges, and most importantly, our audience. We use this information to tailor the efforts of the International Office to the needs of our network. With this in mind and with a bit of a delay, we are excited to share UNAWE's global impact numbers for 2016!

UNAWE Impact Numbers 2016

2016 was a good year for Universe Awareness: We celebrated our 10 year anniversary! With a number of fun contests, including the first UNAWE Win Your Own Telescope competition and the first Repeated of Comic Contest, both of which were very successful! 

We also welcomed new national nodes UNAWE Ukraine, UNAWE Haiti, UNAWE Peru and UNAWE Moldova to our international community. We participated in Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference 2016 and the International Space Education Workshop.

Together with S and our UNAWE national nodes in South Africa, Morocco, Portugal, Mongolia and Japan also released an amazing video about our common mission of inspiring every child with the wonderful cosmos! You can check this video out here.

We would like to thank our great community of creative educators, astronomers, communicators and students; and of course, all the enthusiastic children and teachers that participated in UNAWE activities in 2016!

Do you want to be (more) involved with UNAWE in 2017? There are a number of ways that you can take part: join the student ambassador programme, translate educational resources, organise events in your local area or help out at existing activities — the list goes on! Just contact us at [email protected] for more information and you can help us reach even more children this year!



UNAWE Impact Numbers 2016 banner
UNAWE Impact Numbers 2016 banner
UNAWE Impact Numbers 2016
UNAWE Impact Numbers 2016

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