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Student Ambassadors Use Universe In A Box At World Space Week Event In Pakistan
26 October 2017

On 10 October 2017 in Lahore, Pakistan, two UNAWE Student Ambassadors conducted an astronomy outreach event at ZICAS School System Mustafa Town Wahdat Road. The Universe in a Box was used during this event, provided by Universe Awareness. Yumna Majeed and Saif Ullah Khan also received recognition by Lahore Astronomical Society for their efforts.

Saif and Yumna engaged more than 150 students of 6 to 12 years with space sciences. This event was in honour of this year’s World Space Week ‘Exploring New Worlds in Space’. The kids were lectured on the solar system, introducing them to the basics of astronomy in a fun and relatable way, that suited their level of understanding.

The Student Ambassadors had prepared a solar system art model, which was used to teach the kids about the universe. “It was remarkable to notice in their fascination with this solar system art model.” They were also told about the difference between astrology and astronomy, because of the way these subjects often are confused with each other in the local community.

“We also used the Universe in a Box provided to us by UNAWE to teach them more about the wonders of space. They asked us so many questions and we were amazed to receive such an active response from these children. We made sure that their questions were answered fully.”

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Afterwards, a rocket model making activity was held, in which students were split into groups of five students each. The Student Ambassadors were involved in the making of the water rocket, where they guided and helped the kids as much as they could. Each group was guided individually on how to make a rocket model using card papers, bottles and tapes and such materials.

“It’s always fun to involve children in these art activities, as these are the best ways to enhance their interest in space. Each and every group completed their rocket model and they gave their best to make it as charming as they could.”

On the conclusion of World Space Week, Saif Ullah Khan and Yumna Majeed, were invited by Lahore Astronomical Society by virtue of their great space outreach efforts and given appreciation letters by the President of Lahore Astronomical Society, Mr. Umair Asim. The Student Ambassadors thankfully said: “We are honoured.”

Saif Ullah Khan is an 18 year old A levels student at Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Senior Boys Branch in Lahore, Pakistan, and head of the Astronomical Society there. Yumna Majeed (19 year old) studies Medical Lab Technology at Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan and is head of the Science Club there.



WSW2017 UNAWE Pakistan workshop
WSW2017 UNAWE Pakistan workshop

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