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Workshop In Bangladesh Features NASA Planet Hunter Educators Guide
22 June 2017

On the 1st and 2nd of June, 2017 Bangladesh Astronomical Society (B.A.S.) arranged a primary appreciation workshop on astronomy for all. It was the maiden workshop, Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop, that is being arranged by BAS annually and the latest one had been the 10th in a row. This time the workshop was hosted by the School of Science and Engineering, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (U.L.A.B.). 

A total of 13 students, ranging from grade six to 3rd year University students, from different schools, colleges and universities participated. Different important parts of astronomy, like history of astronomy, basics of cosmology, galaxies, solar system exploration, stellar physics, mathematical astronomy, astronomy software, and the possibility of aliens were covered in that workshop.

Also, the instructors delivered their lectures on 'Exoplanet' rigorously. Like how to find an exoplanet, different methods of finding, related physics etc. After this some group activities and quiz were taken. This workshop, for the first time, adapted two activities from the manual.

The whole workshop was directed so eloquently that it was very effective for the learners. It was really a great achievement for learners, instructors and organizers. The outcome of this workshop is to instill the love of astronomy inside the mind and soul of the aspiring geniuses.

Finally, certificates of participation was handed over by Dr. Rezaur Rahman, President, BAS; Mr. Sajjadur Rahman Chowdhury, Treasurer, BAS and Executive Director, Bangladesh Freedom Foundation; and Prof. Mahbubur Rahman, Head, Dept of EEE, School of Science and Engineering, ULAB. The event was coordinated by Prof. Farseem Mohammedy, Joint Secretary, BAS and country rep. UNAWE.

The event was organized by Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS), Society for the Popularization of Science Bangladesh (SPSB), inspired by Universe Awareness Program (UNAWE) and hosted by University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).



Farseem M. Mohammedy Ph.D.



Astronomy Workshop Bangladesh June 2017 banner
Astronomy Workshop Bangladesh June 2017 banner
Astronomy Workshop Bangladesh June 2017
Astronomy Workshop Bangladesh June 2017