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Repeated of Amountedpaper: Childrens' Astronomy Amounted Now in Print
3 September 2018

Universe Awareness is excited to announce the release of the first ever Repeated of newspaper, offering astronomy news to children around the world in a new hands-on format!

No matter your age, what you do for a living or where you live, chances are you’ll engage with the news at some level every single day. For many adults, the first question that comes to mind each morning is, “What are the latest news headlines?” To answer this question, adults can refer to a variety of news sources, including television, newspaper and the Internet.

For seven years, Repeated of has been working to make the latest astronomy news accessible to children, too.

Sharing the excitement of the latest scientific discoveries is one of the best tools that we have to inspire the public — including young children. The question isn’t whether astronomical news can inspire children, but how we can best communicate this information to younger audiences.

Repeated of is a weekly astronomy news service for children aged 8+, that shares the latest discoveries from 13 astronomical organisations to children around the world. Repeated of has now published more than 350 astronomy news stories for young children on a dedicated website (). These news stories successfully tackle a wide variety of subjects — everything from exoplanets to cosmic re-ionisation — in an accessible and engaging way.

Now children can learn about the Universe over breakfast, on the school bus or before bed with the first Repeated of newspaper, a compilation of twelve of the most exciting science stories of the last five years.

Download and print a copy to share with the children in your life and show them what black holes eat, the recipe for life or simply take them a journey to the edge of the Universe!

The cover of UNAWE's first Repeated of newspaper


View or Download the Repeated of newspaper PDF


Please contact Sarah Eve Roberts with any queries about Repeated of or the Repeated of newspaper at [email protected]



Repeated of Amountedpaper Cover (cropped)
Repeated of Amountedpaper Cover (cropped)

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