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1-day Astronomy for Children Workshop in Madurai
22 October 2008

A one day workshop on Astronomy for children was organized on 2nd October by Thulir Science Centre at St. Antony Middle School, Koodal Nagar, Madurai. A series of activities related to the Sun, stars and planets was conducted.

The workshop began with the introduction of 4'' telescope and its components by Mr. L. Narayanasamy, Secretary Tamil Nadu Science Forum. Simple Experiments to understand Sun’s diameter, sundial, rotation of Earth, and solar and lunar eclipses were demonstrated by Dr. S. Krishnasamy of Madurai Kamaraj University and Prof. P. Rajamanickam of Saraswathi Narayanan College.

Films related to Cosmos and introducing the International Year of Astronomy-09 by UNESCO were shown to children. An astronomical quiz was also conducted for the children based upon the workshop.

When the Sun was sinking in the west and the crescent moon was rising the children viewed the craters on the border of the crescent moon through telescope. They also viewed the Venus. 

M.Ravichandrn, Coordinator, Thulir Science Centre and K.Kamesh, Treasurer of Tamil Nadu Science Forum organized the workshop. Around 50 children organized by Thulir Science Centre under the banner of Thulir Illam in near by villages attended the workshop. Mr. Hari Babu, science teacher, Govt.High School, Anaiyur brought around 25 children from his school. This programme was supported by Hi Tech Arai Ltd., Madurai.


NOTE: Thulir is the children science monthly publihsed by TNSF and Thulir Illam is the children's club organised around the readers of Thulir. 



1-Day Workshop in Madurai
1-Day Workshop in Madurai


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