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The Moon’s Moment to Shine
14 September 2011

EU-Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE) invites astronomers, educators and children to take part in an event held on 8 October 2011 to celebrate our celestial companion, the Moon. International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is one the world's biggest observing parties, in which people from around the globe come together to share an evening dedicated to the Moon and to learn more about the Earth's only natural satellite.

You can contribute to this event by hosting or participating in organised events. Local events are advertised on the , where you will also find related educational resources and activities.

Furthermore, EU-UNAWE has prepared a list of resources that you can use to organise your own event, or to help make your family observing session more fun:

-Deadly Moons

-Paper Plates Activity: Moons

-The Moon's Shame

-What does the Full Moon Look Like?

-Lunar Phase Viewer

-Crash Landing Moon Activity

Don't forget to send us pictures and reports from your events! Please contact us at: [email protected]




The Moon’s Moment to Shine
The Moon’s Moment to Shine


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