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UNAWE Helps UNESCO to Support Cultural Diversity
1 June 2008

Universe Awareness (UNAWE) was founded back in 2006 as an astronomy programme to educate and inspire young children, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. The programme is inherently an international endeavour, now made up of 46 countries and around 500 astronomers, educators and communicators from all over the globe. As such, UNAWE is proud to have played a role in promoting the importance of cultural diversity in the .

In 2007 the first UNAWE International Project Manager, Carolina Ödman-Govender, wrote a report titled, “Diversity of Knowledge and creativity for sustainable human development in the context of science and education: intercultural aspects of knowledge, its creation, transmission and utilization”. The report was used as background information for the 2nd UNESCO world report and earned the UNAWE project an award of 2000€.

In addition to using astronomy to inspire children to take an interest in science and technology, UNAWE also harnesses the considerable vastness and beauty of the Universe to stimulate in kids a sense of global citizenship and an acceptance of cultural diversity. This is a endorsed by the 2nd UNESCO World Report.

By analysing and interpreting cultural diversity the report aims to show the important role it plays in many areas of modern life, from language and communication to education and creativity. This information is used in an attempt to persuade the world's decision makers to invest in cultural diversity, by showing how it can help sustainable development, ensure human rights are recognised in all corners of the world, strengthen social cohesion and encourage democratic governance.

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to learn more about the work they do, visit the website .



UNAWE Helps UNESCO to Support Cultural Diversity
UNAWE Helps UNESCO to Support Cultural Diversity



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