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Meet the UNAWE Ambassadors: Josh Fuchs (US)
3 June 2014

In this series called ‘Meet the UNAWE ambassadors!’ we introduce our ambassadors, who always work hard throughout the year to educate children about Astronomy and inspire them with our wonderful cosmos. Every month we put one of our unsung heroes in the spotlight. In this month’s episode, we introduce Josh Fuchs from the United States!

Name: Josh Fuchs

Age: 25

Country: United States of America

Institute: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Study/Profession: Astronomy

Interests: Music, Photography, Hiking

Favorite food: Ice cream

Most fun UNAWE experience: I once went to a classroom of 20 six year olds to teach about the motion of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. We brought in a bright light for the Sun and globes for the Earth and Moon. I expected the students to have some difficulty relating the concept of a year to the Earth’s motion. But they seemed to have some knowledge because after the second time showing the Earth move around our Sun, they were calling out the months quicker than I could ask! It was great to see them already have some knowledge of astronomy and the motion of the Earth.

Reasons for joining UNAWE ambassador programme: Talking to the public about astronomy has been something I have enjoyed doing since I started university. The UNAWE ambassador program provided a way to formalize my commitment to education and share resources and experiences with similar individuals all over the globe.

Favorite UNAWE resource: “Your Birthday on another Planet” is a fun activity to teach about the motion of planets.

Favorite aspect of astronomy: Astronomy is a science which is easily accesible to all. The only thing it requires is looking up! Everyone has looked up and seen the Sun, Moon, and stars. I love being able to answer questions about such things.

Plans for next UNAWE activity: I do not have any concrete plans at this moment, but have been wanting to do an activity about Saturn and Saturn’s moons. Everyone loves Saturn and its moons, so I am sure it will be a good time.

Message I want to give to kids around the world: Go out and explore. Ask questions about nature and go find the answer yourself. Whether your question is about astronomy, botany, geology, or something else, the great thing about science is that you can answer your question.

Anything else: Here is a quote from one of my favorite astronomers, Maria Mitchell: “Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe.”



Meet the UNAWE Ambassadors: Josh Fuchs (US)
Meet the UNAWE Ambassadors: Josh Fuchs (US)