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500 Students Designed an Alien in Malta
31 March 2016

This year’s National Student Travel Foundation () Science Expo in Malta took place from 9 to 16 March. During the weekdays, primary and secondary school students visited the science expo where they could exhibit their own science projects, as well as participate in various workshops. UNAWE organised a workshop based on the activity called ‘Design your Alien’. During the weekend, the science expo was open for the public.

Around 500 students aged 6-12 years old attended the workshop that was held several times a day during the week. First, students tried to name all planets in our solar system. Then they discussed what life on Earth needs to survive (such as: water, air, food, a nice temperature and gravity). Following this, the students talked about possible life (aliens!) on other planets. Finally, students chose a planet or moon in our solar system and could design an alien that would live there, using environmental facts of the planet or moon. For example, on a cold moon (such as Titan, one of Saturn’s moons), the alien needed to stay warm, and would have fur, or a coat and scarf, or found a way to make fire!

''The students seemed to enjoy the workshop very much!''  says Anne Kerkhoven from UNAWE Netherlands, who led the Design your Alien workshops.

On 15 March, Joop Nijssen (Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Malta) and Liesbeth Oost (representative of this Embassy), visited Design your Alien workshop.

Other workshops at the science expo were, for example, Sharklab Malta and Easypeasy robots. In addition, there were chemistry, astronomy and mathematics workshops.

The NSTF organises various educational programmes during the year and their goal is the direction and development of educational, cultural and social travel and exchange for students, scholars and youth at all educational levels in the nation, the expansion and improvement of services and promotion of a better understanding on an international level.



Design Your Alien Malta
Design Your Alien Malta
Design Your Alien Malta
Design Your Alien Malta