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First UNAWE Activities in Peru
10 May 2016

And the third new national UNAWE node of 2016 is.. Peru!

The coordinator for this national node will be the Peruvan Astronomical Society, responsible for the in the city Lima. This is the main planetarium in the country, hosting around 50-60 thousand visitors per year.

Recently, the planetarium has acquired a pair of modern telescopes, as well as a mobile planetarium, and started organising UNAWE activities for children.

In April 2016, UNAWE Peru launched its first astronomy event for Children: Reloj de Sol y preparando el tránsito de Mercurio, Mayo 09- 2016 (Sundial and getting ready for Mercury transit). Also, the first mobile planetarium activity was organised.

From May 2016 onwards, UNAWE Peru will organise activities for the Mars opposition at the planetarium and observatory at Morro Solar Hill - Chorrillos district Lima.

Furthermore, UNAWE Peru will have numerous workshops with children and their teachers, as well as stargazing sessions for kids and their parents “This will be the first time for these kids to look through the telescopes!” says Javier Ramirez, director of the Peru Planetarium in Lima and national coordinator of UNAWE Peru.

Are you interested in organising activities in Peru or you want to support UNAWE Peru? Please contact national coordinator Javier Ramirez here.




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