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Stargazer Doll in Space
18 July 2016

The British ESA astronaut Tim Peake is safely back from his trip to the International Space Station (ISS). But did you know that six months ago, he brought the Lottie Stargazer doll in space with him?

The space-traveling doll  is one of the fun and educational . Unlike other dolls, Lottie dolls aim to empower children to be themselves. They are positive role models for children, stimulate their imaginations, and inspire learning and fun through play. 

The idea for an astronomy related Lottie doll to help kids learn about space came from the six year old Abigail. During her time on board the ISS, Stargazer Lottie helped to get kids interested in space.

Watch this short video to learn about Lottie Stargazer and Abigail. 


Fun fact
Did you know that astronaut Tim Peake was not the only one taking a doll with him to space? In 1978, the German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn took along a 'Sandmännchen' doll to the Sovjet space station Saljut 6. Sandmännchen was the star-puppet of a German children's bedtime television programme. Jähns colleague the Russian cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky brought the Russion Masha doll with him. The two dolls even celebrated their 'cosmic-marriage' in the space station! 



Lottie in Space
Lottie in Space