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Winners Telescope Competition
9 August 2016

Universe Awareness and (Stars are Shining for Everyone) are excited to announce the winners of the Win Your Own Telescope Competition!

Over the past months we received 23 excellent submissions from all over the world. The submissions were reviewed on creativity, impact, feasibility and sustainability.

The three winners are:

  • Ibitolu Henry Adeniyi from Nigeria, who will use the telescope with 4500 students and help them build their own amateur telescopes.
  • Abd Salih from Ethiopia, a highschool student from a village who has read and learned about the Galilean moons, and with the help of their physics teacher, would love to see them for the first time with students from surrounding villages.
  • Bogdan Marian Tofanica from Moldova, who will use the telescope to organise activities with children of all ages and who will use space-based activities to inspire children and teenagers to understand and love science and technology.

The three winners will receive a refractor Bresser 80/900 telescope that will be delivered with a simple home built mount in September 2016. The equipment is complete with telescope tube, viewfinder, zenith prism, two accompanying eyepieces and the mount. This telescope can be used to observe the Moon, the planets of our Solar System and the most bright Messier objects (for example the Orion Nebula, globular clusters and binary stars).

The three telescopes were donated by:

John & Patience Woodward

Alison & Paul Harding

Thank you all for submitting your ideas!



Sterren Schitterren voor Iedereen telescoop
Sterren Schitterren voor Iedereen telescoop



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