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Rosetta Strato Crowdfunding Campaign for UNAWE
4 November 2016

After a successful mission to send the Rosetta plush toy into the stratosphere, the “space-certified” Rosetta is now up for charity on Indiegogo. Proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will go to Universe Awareness in support of our work in inspiring every child with our wonderful cosmos and to continue the legacy of Rosetta.

The Rosetta mission took the world by storm with European Space Agency’s hugely successful outreach campaign that used social media, participatory engagement and storytelling techniques as a means to reach out to the hearts and minds of a global audience. Design & Data GmbH was a part of this with the creation of the Rosetta cartoon series and the hugely popular spin-off, the Rosetta plush toy.

Now we want to use the plush toy to share Rosetta's heroic story even further. Design & Data GmbH has now partnered with UNAWE to use it as an interactive teaching resource to educate school children around the world in astronomy and space sciences, by training teachers and sending them one of these toys for use in the classroom. With your pledge we will send a toy to where it's needed most: underprivileged schools around the world.

“The Rosetta cartoons have been a great inspiration for young children to follow the mission and gain an interest in space with their heroic story. We are honoured to be a part of this campaign", says Tibisay Sankatsing Nava, Project Manager of UNAWE.

You can donate to the campaign through our Indiegogo page where you can buy a plush toy and support the development of education resources. You can also donate a toy to an underprivileged school. Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle where they have the chance of winning the unique Rosetta Strato plush toy that flew 30km altitude into the stratosphere!

To enter the campaign and for a chance to win the Rosetta Strato toy visit:

Design & Data GmbH is an award-winning cross-media agency specialised in science communication and outreach solutions for science domains in general, with particular interest in the space sector. It created the Rosetta cartoons for the European Space Agency (ESA) and manages the Rosetta Shop on its behalf. 


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Indiegogo Rosetta Plush Toy
Indiegogo Rosetta Plush Toy