How to bet on total in basketball

In every basketball game, teams earn a large number of points, which is difficult to predict. Therefore, one of the basic bookmaker parameters is points total in basketball. It is interesting for betters, as bookmakers usually offer the widest range of painting on it. But are there rules and principles on how to bet on this indicator in order to beat the bookmaker?

The concept of basketball total and its varieties

As in other team sports, matches here end with a certain score, expressed in quantitative terms. The sum of all points earned in the game is called the total. The bet is on whether a certain level set by the bookmaker will be exceeded (TB – yes, TM – no) .Totals are of different types:

  • at the end of 4 quarters or with overtime;
  • in each separate half or half of the game;
  • two rivals in total or separately for each team;
  • individual players (bookmakers choose scorers for such bets).

This indicator is interesting precisely because of its diversity. This is the key to the existence of many betting strategies.

Shchukin’s strategy: using pre-match statistical analysis

For those who believe in statistics, this basketball total betting strategy will be very attractive and interesting. It is based on rigorous pre-match analysis. Having chosen a specific confrontation, the following mathematical calculations should be carried out:

  1. Home team’s estimated total. To find it, add up all the club points earned in the previous 5 games and divide the resulting number by 5. After that, add +1 for each victory, and -1.5 for each loss. Finally, add 3 points for the “master’s bonus.
  2. Estimated total of guests. We carry out all the same arithmetic manipulations, but without the last bonus accrual.
  3. Analysis of personal meetings. Here you need to take the last 5 confrontations between the clubs and calculate the average total of each of them. You can take not a specific number of games, but a certain period, for example 3-4 years.
  4. Final calculations. We add the numbers obtained in the first two and in the third paragraph and divide by 2, due to which it has results in terms of the estimated totals of each of the teams. Putting them together, we see the total total according to statistical calculations.
  5. Comparison of the received figure with the bookmaker’s weighted average total. If our indicator is 5 points higher than the bookmaker’s, we bet TB, and vice versa.

Let’s look at a specific example of how to correctly bet on basketball for total according to this strategy. We take the Spanish championship match “Valencia – Tenerife”, which took place on April 20, 2019. The bookmakers’ weighted average total for this game was 154.5 with odds 1.9-1.95.