What does total mean in basketball

The material below provides detailed information on total bets in basketball matches. The article is suitable not only for novice players. Experienced bettors can also find something useful and implement some recommendations in their practice.

What does total mean in basketball?

Total is the amount of a specific action.

In basketball, total often means points.

At TOP competitions like the NBA, the offices add other types of totals to the list:

  • free throws;
  • three-point;
  • 2-point;
  • rebounds;
  • violations;
  • block shots;
  • transmission.

In addition, there is an individual total (of one of the teams) and certain parts of the match: each half and quarter, as well as the exact number of points (range) – for example, 151-160, 161 or more.

There are also popular bets on the total of players in basketball – the achievements of a particular player. Let’s say Malik Beesley is TB or TM 20.5 points. Or, Andre Drummond – TB or TM 2.5 gear.

There is also an opportunity to predict the most productive and unproductive half / quarter.

Study the rules of the bookmaker whose client you are. How does he count the total? Most often, bets are accepted taking into account overtime (extra time in case of a draw).

Basketball total calculation

The calculation of the total depends on the number of which action you have bet on.

If these are the points scored, then they are summed up in the entire fight. If there is an individual total, the points of the selected team are counted: hosts or guests.

The office sets a certain value. The task is to predict whether it is more or less than the specified indicator. Let’s say 159.5.

Total over 159.5 will be played when there are 160 points or more in the game.

Total under 159.5 will pass if there are 159 points or less in the match.

When calculating even / odd, an even or an odd number is taken into account. For example, 158 is even, 159 is odd.

Statistical indicators are calculated in the same way.

Accordingly, the total of half or quarter takes into account only the data of the specified segment of the fight. For example, the first quarter score is 19:19 (total 38). First half total – 78 (19 + 19 + 11 + 29).

How to calculate total in basketball?

Total in basketball ranges from 120-220 points. In Europe, it is considered that 20 points per quarter is good offensive work. That is, the total total matches, on average, is 160.

The indicators in the NBA are significantly higher. In addition to the more skilled basketball players, the meetings last longer – by 8 minutes (2 in each quarter). Together, the teams gain 220 points and more.

The total depends on what kind of teams are playing, in what form they are, what tactics they practice, etc. The simplest method for determining the total is based on statistics.

# 1 – Count the number of points for each team in the last 5 matches of the tournament in which the opponents meet (excluding overtime).

# 2 – Divide the obtained values ​​by 5.

# 3 – Get the approximate total of each team.

A variation of the method is to take into account 5 home matches, and 5 away games.